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E-Commerce in France

E-Commerce in Europe – Double-digit growth rates in France

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France is one of the strongest e-commerce nations in Europe, with around 93 billion euros generated by French online retailers last year – and the number is rising. In the coming years, the amount of online shoppers is estimated to increase once again by 2.5 million users. A great potential that also benefits international dealers, as current figures show.


Together with Great Britain and Germany, France generates more than one third of the total European e-commerce turnover. But while in Germany and the United Kingdom 77 and 78 percent of internet users have been shopping online within the past twelve months, it is only 67 percent in France, according to recent figures in the e-commerce report “France” of the Ecommerce Foundation. Together with the predicted increase in online shoppers, this results in enormous growth potential.

Growth market France

This trend is confirmed by the figures of the past two years. Unlike the two major e-commerce nations, Germany and the United Kingdom, France has double-digit growth rates: In 2016 and 2017, the market grew by 14 percent each.

With an estimated volume of 14.2 billion euros in 2018, „fashion“ is the largest market segment in France. In addition, huge growth rates have historically been associated with less demanded product groups such as food or DIY. For example, sales in the home and garden sector recently increased by 25 percent, up to nearly three billion euros. Last year, the average e-commerce revenue per capita in France came up to 941 euros.

E-commerce marketplaces in France

The main e-commerce platforms in France are Amazon, Cdiscount and eBay. More than 16 million French buy on Amazon every month. Cdiscount is considered “Amazon France” and has positioned itself as a discount online retailer in the market. In addition to its main segments Housewares, Technology and Food, the generalist also offers nearly all other product categories. Further, EBay is very popular in France. Nearly 8 million (2016) French visit the website of the online auction house every month. All three platforms offer international traders the opportunity to enter the market.


After Germany and the UK, France is the number three in e-commerce in Europe. Yet it still offers great potential to international traders. The share of internet users in the total population is just under 90 percent, which is why the proportion of online shoppers is expected to increase from 48.9 million to 51.4 million users by 2022. At over 14 percent, the growth rate is also higher than that of other top e-commerce nations in Europe. Thanks to a continued decline in the unemployment rate, the purchasing power remains high and international goods are strongly in demand – a good time to enter the French e-commerce market.


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