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  • In the context of globalized flows of goods, supply chains are increasingly transforming into dynamic, data-driven systems. And yet, the more networked and complex a supply chain is, the more susceptible it is to disruption and malfunctions: Digitization is often also considered a gateway for cyberattacks on the supply network. To prevent such occurrences, IT security should be firmly anchored in a company’s DNA and considered from the outset. An information security management system (ISMS) in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 can become a genuine competitive advantage. In our latest article on the blog, we discuss which criteria are relevant for certification and what companies can do straight away to better protect themselves against cyberattacks.

  • Cyberattacks on data and network security are a serious threat to companies worldwide, including small and medium-sized enterprises. IT security expert Johannes Mattes and Alexander Gronwald, a specialist in digital transformation, explain the vulnerabilities that attackers abuse, and which defense strategies companies can use for protection. They also discuss why employee training plays a major role when it comes to cybersecurity.