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About Hermes Germany GmbH



Editorial Office:

  • Robert Trenkel – STURMFEST – Berater für Kommunikation
  • Anne R. Harms – STURMFEST – Berater für Kommunikation

Responsible/Project Management:

  • Florian Büchel – Hermes Germany GmbH


Hermes Germany GmbH
Essener Strasse 89
22419 Hamburg

  • Glossary international e-commerce
  • Upcoming Events

    1. Digital Commerce Day 2019

      October 17
    2. China Transport and Logistics Expo

      16. June 2020 - 18. June 2020
    3. Global E-Commerce Summit 2019

      17. October 2020
  • We answer all questions posed by decision-makers!

    Today, stakeholders from all over the world are connected within international supply chains. For many companies, global e-commerce has long been an integral part of their corporate strategy. Furthermore, in Europe, it is an important marke READ ABOUT US


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