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E-Commerce in Europe: The Growth Markets Southern and Eastern Europe

Editorial Office04 Jun 20190 Comments

Even though e-commerce in Europe is booming, there are still numerous regions in which the vast majority of consumers prefer stationary retail. We provide an overview: In which countries do consum...


Study finds: German online shoppers prefer to pay by invoice

Editorial Office21 May 20190 Comments

Despite slight losses, purchase by invoice remains the payment method with the highest turnover in online shopping in Germany. Further, the payment service PayPal is becoming increasingly popular....


Payment in the EU: How consumers in Great Britain, Germany and France pay

Editorial Office26 Mar 20190 Comments

The compilation of payment methods is particularly important when trading abroad. Based on the examples of payment in Great Britain, Germany and France, we will show you why retailers should incre...


European VAT: What companies need to know

Editorial Office14 Mar 20190 Comments

Customsduties are the same throughout the European Union. But what about VAT? Who needsto pay? And which tax exemption limits apply? In this article we answer thefour most...


“Internationalization is already here”

Editorial Office03 Jan 20190 Comments

Trade is booming – not only e-commerce recorded double-digit growth rates last year. Stationary retailers are highly satisfied with last year‘s Christmas business, as well. According to an est...


E-Commerce in Europe – World Champion Great Britain

Editorial Office27 Dec 20180 Comments

With the highest per-capita-turnover, the British are e-commerce world champions. By generating 178 billion euros, they contribute significantly to the pan-European e-commerce sales. Good reasons ...


E-Commerce in Europe – Double-digit growth rates in France

Editorial Office18 Dec 20180 Comments

France is one of the strongest e-commerce nations in Europe, with around 93 billion euros generated by French online retailers last year – and the number is rising. In the coming years, the amou...


E-commerce in Europe – a market overview

Editorial Office29 Nov 20180 Comments

Two-digit growth rates and no ending in sight - e-commerce sales in Europe have almost doubled in the past five years. This year, the 600 billion euro mark is expected to be cracked for the first ...


E-commerce in Europe – marketplaces for your success

Editorial Office28 Nov 20181 Comments

E-commerce in Europe is booming: For the current year, European e-commerce sales are forecasted to increase by 13 percent. The good infrastructure, a high rate of internet users and online shopper...


E-Commerce in Europe – Growth Market Germany

Editorial Office26 Nov 20180 Comments

Germany is one of the top e-commerce nations in Europe. Together with France and Great Britain, the Federal Republic of Germany generates about two-thirds of total European e-commerce sales. A goo...


Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Europe

Editorial Office12 Nov 20180 Comments

Black Friday and Cyber Monday traditionally herald the start of the Christmas shopping season in the US. Even in Europe, the "Cyber Week" around Black Friday and Cyber Monday has long been establi...


Selling in the EU: Things you need to know about VAT and cutoms

Editorial Office31 Oct 20181 Comments

Due to an increasing number of online sales, the European ecommerce market is getting more attractive for US-sellers. But whether you are selling via your own online store or using one of the lead...


Global E-Commerce – Made in Germany

Editorial Office30 Oct 20180 Comments

An increasing number of Europeans is shopping on the internet. They are specifically looking for international offers in their online shopping tours. Thus, US retailers can strongly benefit from t...


Destination Europe: A trade chain without obstacles

Editorial Office23 Oct 20180 Comments

If you want to make a good impression on online shoppers in Paris, Munich or Milan, you need convincing products and competitive prices. Yet equally important are smooth logistics processes and tr...

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