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Future market Bangladesh: “Responding to the international goods traffic in a customer-oriented way”

Editorial Office February 4, 2021 0

The economy in Bangladesh is booming: Growing population figures, a rising GDP and a record level of exports are providing a strong economic upswing. Today, Bangladesh is...

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“Depression has led to unknown demand”

Editorial Office January 11, 2021 0

The past year has been dominated by the Corona pandemic. By now, several vaccines are giving reason to hope that the situation will return to normal. We...

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SCRM: “Ensuring delivery capability even in times of global crisis”

Editorial Office December 8, 2020 0

In view of increasing demands, supply chain risk management (SCRM) is becoming increasingly important for a rising number of companies. The crucial question for logistics decision-makers is...

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“The corona crisis is a maximum disruption for global supply chain management”

Editorial Office August 5, 2020 0

Interview with Hermes CEO Stephan Schiller on the role of international logistics during and after the Corona pandemic.

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Logistics in times of Corona: “We must succeed in finding an opportunity in the crisis”

Editorial Office May 11, 2020 0

Hermes International, a division of Hermes Germany, is a global player in the cargo and parcel business. In the current virus-related crisis, this global activity represents both...

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Customs clearance: lack of know-how limits savings potential

Editorial Office February 24, 2020 0

For manufacturers and dealers, there is no way around customs clearance for vendor parts and goods. However, with the necessary know-how, companies can generate savings potential and...

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Outlook 2020: “A year full of changes”

Editorial Office January 14, 2020 0

Every German receives 24 parcels per year – that is more than any other European. More and more frequently, the goods originate from outside of Europe as...

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Peak Management: “The better the planning, the fewer short-term problems”

Editorial Office December 10, 2019 0

Singles Day, Cyber Monday, Christmas: Over the course of a year, there are various occasions when the demand for products on the internet is particularly high and...

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Cross-border logistics: “Internationalization opens up new growth opportunities”

Editorial Office August 20, 2019 0

Online sales are rising steadily. For Germany alone, the trade association HDE is forecasting an increase in turnover of 9.3 percent for the current year. Last year,...

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Cross-Border E-Commerce: “Good Fulfillment is critical to Success”

Editorial Office August 6, 2019 2

After the purchase is before fulfilment – and this can be quite a challenge for many companies entering cross-border e-commerce. In an interview with the Supply Chain...

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