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Destination Europe: A trade chain without obstacles

by Editorial Office

If you want to make a good impression on online shoppers in Paris, Munich or Milan, you need convincing products and competitive prices. Yet equally important are smooth logistics processes and transparency along the entire Tradelane. In this blog post we seek to outline in which way the goods get to Europe quickly and safely and what US- online retailers should pay attention to with regards to the delivery.

Let us take an example from Germany: Whether it’s jeans, sports shoes or sunglasses – many young online shoppers love outfits “made in the USA”. When searching the Internet, they will quickly find what they are looking for – but consumers are often confused when it comes to the check-out. Which taxes and delivery costs do they need to pay? How long does it take for the order to arrive in Germany? Does the consignment have to be picked up at customs? If too many questions remain unanswered, the cart will be empty. US-online retailers who want to score points with European customers, should create trust right from the start – and ensure that shoppers receive all the necessary information on shipping costs, taxes and customs fees when ordering online. An easy-to-integrate solution by Hermes International, a division of Hermes Germany, makes that possible. Without having to change their entire processes, US-traders can handle sales directly through their existing online store.

 „Add to cart“

If the customer is satisfied by the offer and buys the goods, the retailer sends the package with jeans and sports shoes to Europe. Sounds quite easy – yet international Tradelane management requires specific know-how, transnational network contacts or an experienced service partner who understands the challenges and helps to overcome all hurdles.

Working with Hermes International’s logistics experts, dealers can benefit from a global network that provides all relevant services from a single source – thus allowing retailers to focus on their core businesses. Already at the time of purchase, the buyer will be notified of the total costs including taxes and customs duties as well as the estimated shipping time – transparency is the name of the game.

Across the Atlantic via air freight

The journey begins in one of Hermes‘ export warehouses in the USA. There, the dealer can deliver the goods destined for Europe – or have them picked up at his own location. The warehouse has easy access to the airport and is fully equipped to meet the needs of global e-commerce: Pick & Pack, Scan, Quantity Checks and Labeling Item Level are all standard. Here the consignments are consolidated and prepared for airfreight.

On the basis of the electronically transmitted order information, the logistics service provider also takes care of the paperless export customs clearance. The correct and speedy customs clearance is a great relief for many companies, because without specialized know-how, it is not easy to navigate the jungle of international customs regulations and procedures. After arriving in Germany, Hermes therefore also resumes import customs clearance and pays the previously calculated customs duties and taxes.

To the customer’s front door

Almost done: After import clearance, the much-anticipated package from America will be delivered to the end customer using the quickest route. The shopper does not have to pick up the package at customs and can instead look forward to the arrival of his new outfit. Thanks to integrated track & trace, he can track the delivery – just like the sender of the goods – from leaving the warehouse to the final delivery and he knows when it is bound to arrive.

Hermes has an excellent nationwide infrastructure. Thanks to the specialized B2C network, delivery to the end customer takes place in each country according to the local habits the recipient is used to. In case of a delivery to the front door or to the workplace, the parcel carriers usually make up to four attempts to reach the recipient personally. If he is not at home, the carrier will leave a notification card with information about the next delivery attempt – or with the information that the package is waiting at the neighbors‘ appartment. Alternatively, Hermes offers delivery to one of its numerous ParcelShops. This solution creates even more flexibility: When the shipment arrives, the customer receives a notification via SMS or e-mail and can pick up his package in the shop within 10 days. Returns can also be handled easily via one of the 37,000 ParcelShops in Europe. The customer brings the return package to the ParcelShop. From there it travels to one of the numerous Hermes warehouses where the goods are either stored for resale or sent back directly to the dealer.

Uncomplicated for both parties

The new jeans and sports shoes arrived safely at the customer in Germany. The size fits, the style thrilled, a reclamation or return is out of the question. For the online shopper in Germany, ordering from the US-trader was as easy as purchasing from a local store. A thoroughly positive shopping experience that he likes to repeat and also recommend to his friends.

Satisfied new customers in Europe – this is also what the online retailer was aiming for. By working with the logistics professionals from Europe, he was able to handle all processes along the Tradelane quickly, safely and efficiently and neither needed to provide additional capacity for the expansion of his online shop nor for the handling of customs formalities. A complete e-commerce and shipping solution from a single source that makes it much easier to successfully enter global online commerce than you ever thought.

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