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“My focus for the future lies on digital transformation”.

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Hermes International under new leadership: After a long and successful career at Hermes, previous Managing Director Stephan Schiller handed over to Henning Udo Goldmann with effect from November 1, 2022. Schiller is taking on a new role at his own request. In this challenging time for logistics and supply chain management, he is handing over to Henning Udo Goldmann, who has already been with the company as an expert on digitalization topics. We spoke to both of them about the development of the logistics industry, current requirements, shared values and how Hermes International will support its customers in a future shaped by transformations.

Mr. Schiller, after more than a decade with Hermes, you are taking on a new challenge and handing over the reins of Hermes International to Henning Goldmann. What developments and insights can you look back on? What has changed in logistics and supply chain management and how has Hermes International contributed to this transformation?  

Stephan Schiller: I want to answer this question with some significant headlines: The state of exception and emergency have recently become the norm: The logistics business line and supply chain management with its holistic end-to-end view of supply chains have gained relevance. And: Logistics is increasingly being perceived as an enabler of targeted action rather than a cost function. In this context, the following factors are proving to be critical to success: transparency, increased collaboration  within the supply chain and most certainly data. Digitization is certainly picking up speed in the B2B context of logistics, and thus allowing governance, risk management and efficiency to be continuously optimized. In the disruptive times of recent years, Hermes International has been able to support its customers in maintaining the flow of goods, while gaining knowledge for the future and further developing its services. This is how the digital realignment got underway.  I am extremely pleased that Henning Goldmann will take over with his profound expertise and experience and set the appropriate course for the Next Level.

Stephan Schiller

Stephan Schiller

“Hermes International has the potential to become the leading provider of actively managed supply chains for medium-sized businesses.”

Henning Udo Goldmann CEO Hermes International

Henning Udo Goldmann

Mr. Goldmann, you have already worked intensively with Hermes International on topics such as digitalization and collaboration. Now you want to take these projects forward as the new CEO of Hermes International – what is your focus area?

Henning Udo Goldmann: Over the past few years, Hermes International has positioned itself as an extremely successful player with its products for inbound logistics and supply chain management. I would like to thank Stephan for his great work, which has brought the company to where we are today. Hermes International has the potential to become the leading provider of actively managed supply chains for medium-sized businesses.

This is a highly complex field with many dynamically collaborating partners and parties, for which we want to offer ever better, and above all increasingly digital, solutions. My focus is on continuing and leading the transformation that was started under the leadership of Stephan Schiller at Hermes International. The experience gained during the Corona period and previous developments have shown that certain products are urgently needed, but have not yet been offered on the market. We want to give our customers access to such products and services in the future.

What will companies have to prepare for in the future in terms of logistics and supply chain management, and how does Hermes International help them to overcome potential challenges?

Henning Udo Goldmann: We are observing a strong shift in the corporate focus: instead of purchasing logistics services in the supply chain area almost exclusively according to cost aspects, partners are increasingly being sought who offer solutions for more agile and dynamic supply chain management. To optimize the supply chain, it is becoming increasingly important to start with the production planning and control processes in procurement. In the end, what counts is the guaranteed and unrestricted all-time availability of the product on the shelf and/or in the online store – this can only be achieved with a holistic and precise management of the entire value creation process. As a partner of the Otto Group, Hermes International has a cost-efficient, global transport network and up-to-date market experience from global supply chains. With our products and services geared to medium-sized businesses, we support our customers in making their supply chains as agile, efficient and resilient as possible – with clear competitive advantages even over large companies.

“With his expertise, Henning Udo Goldmann combines everything nessesary for a future-oriented transformation.”

Mr. Schiller, with regard to the continuing development of the Hermes Group’s international business – what do you particularly appreciate about Mr. Goldmann?

Stephan Schiller: Henning Goldmann has decades of experience in logistics and supply chain management. He has led large organizations as CIO and has always worked in an international environment. With this expertise, he combines everything Hermes International needs for a future-oriented transformation. In addition, he can generate further added value in the direction of the Otto Group – in this context, too, there are challenges to be met on the part of supply chain management. Thus, the company can significantly benefit with regard to the upcoming transformation. On top of that, Henning Goldmann is an open-minded, hands-on type of person with enthusiasm for sustainability issues, diversity and intercultural exchange. With him in the lead, Hermes International will take a decisive step forward and set new standards in the market.

“Hermes International’s positioning provides an excellent starting point from which to take the next step.”

Mr. Goldmann, what development steps are you tackling first in 2023? What are your goals for this year?

Henning Udo Goldmann: Stephan Schiller has done a great job of positioning the company – many thanks and great appreciation for that. Hermes International’s positioning, which is focused on innovation and technological progress, provides an excellent starting point from which to take the next step. We will significantly differentiate our products, perfect them with exceptionally good employees and digital technologies, and organize global supply chains in close partnership. That way, our customers can operate better, faster, and more dynamically in the market than ever before.

Mr. Schiller, thank you for the interview and we wish you all the best for your future.

Many thanks also to you, Mr. Goldmann – good luck in your new function and for all future projects.

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